About Operator 13 Productions


Operator 13 Productions was founded by Mark Gilman and Dave Stuckey in 1982 to raise money for the documentary The Funniest Guys In The World about the lives and careers of The Three Stooges.  In 1983, the film was released theatrically for one screening only at The Gordon Theater in Hollywood, after which it was re-edited for television under the name of Stooge Snapshots and later on home video as The Making Of The Stooges.  The documentary was nominated for a daytime Emmy award (Best Narrator Steve Allen).  It played in television syndication and on the early Comedy Channel on cable television.  The film was released by Karl Home Video, the company responsible for the mega hit Jane Fonda’s Workout, and was later distributed by Warner Brothers Home Video.  The documentary went out of release when the Warner contract expired.

Producers Mark Gilman and Dave Stuckey at the original Operator 13 Productions offices in Hollywood circa 1985/1986

Lugosi: The Forgotten King

In 1984 Operator 13 Productions began work on Lugosi: The Forgotten King which was completed and released in 1985.  The film was released to syndicated television through Superior Promotions and later sold to MPI Home Video where it was released on VHS until the contract expired.

Original VHS cover

Current Projects

In 2011, the Lugosi family contacted Operator 13 Productions about releasing Lugosi: The Forgotten King on DVD. Work began immediately on an updated version of the film and the team was joined by Associate Producer Laura McCullough.  The DVD should see release in 2016.

Looking ahead, Operator 13 Productions has nearly completed a new project with the working entitled Monsters, Martians, and Mad Scientists: Horror in the Atomic Age.


4 Responses to About Operator 13 Productions

  1. Looking forward to the updated version of Lugosi: The Forgotten King.

  2. LaVon Hogge says:

    Dave please let us know where we buy this.. Lavon

    • Laura McCullough says:

      Hi LaVon,

      The DVD is currently in post production. We’ll make an announcement on the site when it’s available for purchase.


  3. Just discovered your site. Lots of wonderful material here. The upcoming DVD sounds incredible, I can’t wait to see the Paul Mantee and Ib Melchior interviews.

    It sounds like you all are knocking it out of the park, so keep up the great work!

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