Just confirmed…Scotty Morrow

We are delighted to announce that we will be interviewing child actor Scotty Morrow for Monsters, Martians and Mad Scientists. Morrow appeared alongside legends Bruce Bennett and John Carradine in 1959’s The Cosmic Man. He also appeared in a 1961 episode of The Twilight Zone entitled “The Shelter.”

In addition to these forays into science fiction, Morrow’s extensive resume includes appearances on classic television shows such as The Donna Reed Show, Leave It to Beaver, My Three Sons, Wagon Train, Maverick, Gunsmoke and Death Valley Days.

Bruce Bennett, Scotty Morrow and Angela Green in “The Cosmic Man” (1959)

Stay tuned for a “From the set” report!

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2 Responses to Just confirmed…Scotty Morrow

  1. I Loved Bela Lugosi, at the time some of them were made before i was born, but rereleased. Boris Karloff and Lon Chaney were the Monster’s of the day! Dracula and Frankenstein were the beginging of the monster movies. The only one that scared me was the woldman, I would not go into fog for years. Since then they have become goryier and just cannot compete with the Master’s!

  2. Laura McCullough says:

    Agreed. Lugosi, Karloff and Chaney were the masters of horror.

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