From the set…Pat Boone

Yesterday Mark and I had the pleasure of interviewing singer/actor Pat Boone for Monsters, Martians and Mad Scientists: Horror in the Atomic Age.

The subject of our interview was, of course, the 1959 fantasy classic Journey to the Center of the Earth, in which Mr. Boone starred as Scottish geology student Alec McKuen.

We were anxious to include Journey in our documentary because it offers a different side of the Atomic Age than many of the science fiction and fantasy films of the era.  As Bosley Crowther wrote in his December 17, 1959 New York Times review, rather than looking to outer space, the film explores “the great mystery of the interior, right here beneath our toes.” In addition, in an era known for films that reflect the paranoia and anxiety of the times, Journey stands out as straightforward, family friendly Cinemascope adventure. 

Mr. Boone offered us his recollections of making Journey, including his initial reluctance to accept the role, filming the climactic whirlpool scene, and working with James Mason and Arlene Dahl. He also shared his thoughts on McCarthyism, spiritual and scientific truth, and working with Hammer Horror director Terence Fisher on the 1964 film The Horror of it All.

Peter Ronson, Pat Boone, Arlene Dahl and James Mason

We thank Mr. Boone for taking the time to talk with us and look forward to sharing his unique perspective with you in Monsters, Martians and Mad Scientists!

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