Just confirmed…Jimmy Hunt

We are delighted to announce that Jimmy Hunt will appear in Monsters, Martians and Mad Scientists: Horror in the Atomic Age.

Mr. Hunt starred as David MacLean in the 1953 science fiction classic Invader from Mars. The film, directed by William Cameron Menzies, is a landmark among Atomic Age science fiction films.  It effectively captures many of the themes present in 1950’s horror and sci-fi films by presenting the story of a boy’s adolescent fears in an anxiety-filled adult world.

It is also unusual in its use of surrealist camera angles and sets, which enhance the impact of the film’s “it was all a dream – or was it?” finale.

Invaders from Mars is also notable for its unforgettable Martians and their plush zippered jumpsuits.

Martian and Jimmy Hunt

In addition to starring in the original film, Mr. Hunt also played the Police Chief in the 1986 remake. We look forward to meeting him and discussing this sci-fi classic.

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