When blog posts collide

A few weeks ago I posted about legendary Hollywood make-up artist and “King of the Gorilla Men” Charles Gemora. As you may recall, Gemora appeared as Erik the Gorilla in the Bela Lugosi film Murders in the Rue Morgue. He also created and played the Martian in War of the Worlds.

Last night I began my research for our upcoming interview with Richard Anderson by watching Curse of the Faceless Man and was surprised to see Charlie Gemora’s name in the opening credits.

Bob Bryant and Elaine Edwards

Gemora was the film’s “Creature Creator.”  He was responsible for creating stone man Quintillus Aurelius (played by actor/stunt man Bob Bryant in the film). In the film, Aurelius is a gladiator killed in Pompeii in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.  His body is unearthed 2,000 years later by an archaeological expedition.

The creature is quite effective and another example of the great creative work done by Gemora.

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2 Responses to When blog posts collide

  1. Mirah Gemora says:

    In this movie who ever wrote the actors or actresses names, Misspelled my grandfathers name Charlie GEMORA NOT GEMORRA!!

    • Laura McCullough says:

      I wondered why it was spelled differently! I guess they didn’t have the budget for a proofreader. 🙂

      By the way, we’re interested in interviewing Diana Gemora for our documentary on Atomic Age horror and sci-fi. If you think she might be interested, please email me at operator13productions @ gmail.com. Thanks!

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