Monsterpalooza 2012 Report – Day 2

Day 2 of Monsterpalooza  began on an extremely high note for the Operator 13 team as we filmed an interview with Sara Karloff, daughter of the legendary Boris Karloff, to be included in Lugosi: The Forgotten King.

Boris and Sara Karloff

Producer Dave Stuckey spoke with Ms. Karloff about the films her father made with Lugosi, the fact that both men were founding members of the Screen Actors Guild (Karloff was SAG member #9, Lugosi was #28), some great advice her father got from Lon Chaney Sr., that supposed Karloff/Lugosi rivalry, and many other fascinating topics.

The films that Lugosi and Karloff made together are among Lugosi’s — and the horror genre’s — best. We feel extremely fortunate to have Ms. Karloff’s participation in our project.

Dave Stuckey and Sara Karloff

Our first interview that evening was with Terry Moore, star of the 1949 classic Mighty Joe Young. This interview will appear in Monsters, Martians and Mad Scientists: Horror in the Atomic Age.

When you think of “Atomic Age cinema,” the family-friendly Mighty Joe Young is probably not the first film that comes to mind. But just as films featuring giant insects or invaders from another planet terrorizing the populace reflect the anxieties faced by Americans in the Atomic Age, Mighty Joe Young‘s emphasis on the formation of the American family gives us another distinct reflection of the times in which it was made.

Terry Moore in Might Joe Young (1949)

I asked Ms. Moore about the film’s place in Atomic Age cinema.  In addition, we discussed what it was like being the only woman on the set, Howard Hughes’ concerns about fallout from nuclear testing in Nevada, and more!

Mark Gilman and Terry Moore

Our last interview of the night was with Terry Castle, daughter of terror titan William Castle. This was, without a doubt, the most “fun” interview I’ve done so far. Ms. Castle has a great sense of humor and showmanship. (I wonder who she inherited that from!)

Ellen, Georgiana, William and Terry Castle

Ms. Castle graciously submitted to questions for both our documentaries currently in production. It was particularly gratifying to hear her thoughts on what a huge influence Bela Lugosi had on her father — from deciding he wanted to change his name (his given name was William Schloss) to realizing he wanted to scare people for a living.

Laura McCullough and Terry Castle

Ms. Castle was extremely articulate, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about both Lugosi and her father’s work. Her comments were extremely insightful and will be an asset to our films.

It was a great day of interviews! We thank all three of our subjects for taking time out of their busy convention schedules to sit down with us.

Stay tuned for our Monsterpalooza Day 3 report!

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