Just confirmed…William Phipps

The Operator 13 team will be sitting down with William Phipps next month for an interview to be included in  Monsters, Martians and Mad Scientists: Horror in the Atomic Age.

William Phipps in “Five” (1951)

Mr. Phipps has a lengthy resume of Atomic Age horror and science fiction films. In 1953 alone, he appeared in four: The War of the Worlds, Cat-Women of the Moon, Invaders From Mars, and The Twonky.

In addition, he was top-billed in the Arch Oboler film Five (1951) and appeared in The Snow Creature (1954).

Mr. Phipps also worked with the great horror director William Castle on a Western called Jesse James vs. the Daltons.  The year was 1954 — four years before Castle would direct his first horror film, Macabre.

Several Atomic Age classics, William Castle, and a film in which an expedition of botanists stumbles on a yeti den. What more could we ask?

I look forward to meeting this extremely entertaining gentleman in person and including his insights into the Atomic Age in our film.

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