Just confirmed…David Frankham

It gives me great pleasure to announce that David Frankham will be appearing in both Lugosi: The Forgotten King and Monsters, Martians and Mad Scientists: Horror in the Atomic Age.

David Frankham in Return of the Fly

For Monsters, Martians, and Mad Scientists, we’ll be discussing the three films Mr. Frankham made with Vincent Price. In addition to playing the heavy in Return of the Fly (1959), he appeared with Price in the Roger Corman film Tales of Terror (1962) and the sci-fi film Master of the World (1961).

Basil Rathbone, Vincent Price, David Frankham and Debra Paget in Tales of Terror

I have had the good fortune to correspond with Mr. Frankham frequently over the last couple of years. He is generous with his time, extremely engaging, and never runs out of fascinating anecdotes about the Hollywood legends he worked with. So when I asked him off hand if he had ever crossed paths with Bela Lugosi, I was barely surprised to learn that yes, in fact, he did have a Lugosi story. Mr. Frankham will share this experience with us for Lugosi: The Forgotten King. I look forward to his participation in both projects!

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