From the set…Anne Jeffreys

On February 4th, Mark, Dave, and I interviewed Bela Lugosi co-star Anne Jeffreys for Lugosi: The Forgotten King.  The interview took place at Ms. Jeffreys’ beautiful home in Los Angeles, where she has lived since 1956.

Anne Jeffreys with Bela Lugosi in Zombies on Broadway (1945)

Ms. Jeffreys’ filmography stretches from 1942 to today! This May, she can be seen in the Italian film Vespro d’un rinnegato. Ms. Jeffreys shared many interesting anecdotes about Bela Lugosi and her career as a Hollywood legend.

Of particular interest was a story about a restaurant bar that Bela Lugosi frequented in the 1940’s called The Green Dragon, which was located on Ventura Boulevard.  Since hearing this story, I have explored several avenues of research in hopes of finding a photograph of The Green Dragon to include in our documentary.

My search has been fruitless so far. If you have any information on The Green Dragon, or better yet, a photo, please leave a comment below.

Little-known fact: Most horror fans are aware that Anne Jeffreys co-starred with Bela Lugosi in Zombies on Broadway. Fewer realize they actually appeared in two films together, the second being Genius at Work (1946). After the success of Zombies, RKO recalled all four principles (Lugosi, Jeffreys, and comedy team Wally Brown and Alan Carney) for a repeat performance.  Lionel Atwill also joined the cast.

Genius at Work is not available on DVD, and perhaps consequently is not as well-known as Zombies. In fact, when I asked Ms. Jeffreys about the film in our interview, she recalled having appeared in one film only with Lugosi.

Keep watching for more “From the set…” reports.

The Operator 13 team (Laura, Mark, and Dave) with Anne Jeffreys: 

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