Lugosi: The Forgotten King Review

Horror web site Kitley’s Krypt has posted a review of Lugosi: The Forgotten King:

” . . . this documentary explores the man behind the cape, hearing from people that worked directly with him. Some of these interviews are from the original release while there are a few more that have been added for this updated version. We get to hear from his co-workers like Ralph Bellamy, Carroll Borland, Alex Gordon, Donnie Dunagan, Carla Laemmle, and many others, and even Sara Karloff and Bela Lugosi Jr. It really gives a deeper look into Bela Lugosi, the actor, the man, the icon.”

Read the full review at Kitley’s Kyrpt.

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Monsters! Martians! Mad Scientists! Horror in the Atomic Age! Now Available on DVD

Monsters! Martians! Mad Scientists! Horror in the Atomic Age! is now available as a 3-disc DVD set for $15 postage paid.


The term “Atomic Age” loosely refers to the period of history that began following America’s detonation of the first nuclear weapon during the Trinity test in New Mexico, on July 16, 1945.

What followed was a very prosperous time for our time country — post-war America in the 1950s. But underneath the happy facade, fear was lurking. Science and technology seemed to be progressing at an alarming rate. The devastation left by the Atomic Bomb weighed heavily on the mind of the average American and as the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union escalated, many Americans worried it could happen here.

Inevitably, Hollywood stepped in and capitalized on these fears: Giant monsters born out of nuclear war. Martian invasions as a metaphor for the red menace. Mad scientists unleashing death and destruction across the land. For over a decade horror and science fiction films that reflected the unease of the times reigned supreme.

Monster! Martians! Mad Scientists! Horror in the Atomic Age! is the complete oral history of the genre as told by the actors, writers, directors and historians that lived through it. Six years in the making, this three-part film includes both exclusive and archival interviews with nearly 50 individuals involved in making some of the most classic horror and science fiction films of the Atomic Age. Order the 3-disc DVD set For $15 postage paid.



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Lugosi: The Forgotten King Available on DVD

At long last – the wait is over! The updated and remastered version of the classic documentary “Bela Lugosi: The Forgotten King” is now available on DVD – with over an hour of added content!

This edition is fully authorized by the Lugosi Family and can be ordered at the link below for $10.00 plus shipping.

It features interviews with John Carradine, Carroll Borland, Alex Gordon, Ralph Bellamy, Sara Karloff, Bela G. Lugosi, Donnie Dunagan, Janet Anne Gallow, Terry Castle, Carla Laemmle, Louise Currie, Ann Jeffreys, Bob Burns and more.

Order Now!


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And we’re back…

Apologies for the long radio silence. It turns out our production Monsters, Martians and Mad Scientists was not as wrapped as we thought! Since our last update, we have interviewed Kenny Miller (I Was a Teenage WerewolfAttack of the Puppet People) and Victoria Price (daughter of Vincent Price).


In addition, producer extraordinaire Mark Gilman has been working on securing some vintage interviews for our show. So far this list includes John Agar (Revenge of the Creature, Tarantula, Journey to the Seventh Planet and more), Ricou Browning (Creature from the Black Lagoon) and Arianne Ulmer (daughter of director Edgar G. Ulmer).

We’ll post an update when we’ve re-entered the editing phase of the film.

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That’s a wrap! Production completed on “Monsters, Martians and Mad Scientists”

Operator 13 Productions has officially completed production on Monsters, Martians and Mad Scientists: Horror in the Atomic Age.

We have completed 31 interviews and will now enter the editing phase of the project. It has been a thrill to discuss the classic films of the Atomic Age with the people who made them — actors like David Hedison (The Fly), Julie Adams (The Creature From the Black Lagoon) and Pat Boone (Journey to the Center of the Earth), director Ib Melchior (The Angry Red Planet),  and many many more!

julie adams

Stay tuned for more “From the Set” reports as well as updates on our progress in completing the film.

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Just confirmed…Hugh O’Brian

We are very pleased to announce that Hugh O’Brian will be interviewed for Monsters, Martians and Mad Scientists: Horror in the Atomic Age.

Mr. O’Brian is probably best known for playing Wyatt Earp in the television series The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp, which debuted on ABC in 1955. He also appeared in numerous films, including the very first Atomic Age outer space adventure film — 1950’s Rocketship X-M. 

The film was directed by Kurt Neumann (The Fly) and was one of the first to address the dangers of atomic warfare and radiation. In addition to Hugh O’Brian, it starred Lloyd Bridges and Osa Massen.

rocketship x-mIn addition to acting, Mr. O’Brian has dedicated much of his time to the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY). He formed the organization in 1958 after spending nine days in Africa with Dr. Albert Schweitzer. Since then, HOBY has gone on to host 355,000 high school students at its seminars.

We are looking forward to interviewing Mr. O’Brian about his role in the inception of Atomic Age cinema!

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Just confirmed…Paul Mantee

Paul Mantee has been added to the list of interviewees for Monsters, Martians and Mad Scientists: Horror in the Atomic Age! Mr. Mantee starred as Commander Kit Draper in Byron Haskin’s 1964 cult classic Robinson Crusoe on Mars.

The film was scripted by Ib Melchior and is notable for its attempt to be as scientifically accurate as possible. It is also one of the few science fiction films of the period that does not act as an allegory for the Cold War. In addition, it features fine performances from Mr. Mantee, Victor Lundin, Adam West — and Barney the Woolly Monkey!

Paul Mantee and Adam West in Robinson Crusoe on Mars

Paul Mantee appeared in numerous genre television series, including Batman, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, The Six Million Dollar Man and Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.

After semi-retiring from acting, he authored two novels; In Search of the Perfect Ravioli (Ballantine Books, 1991) and Bruno of Hollywood (Ballantine Books, 1994).

We look forward to speaking with Mr. Mantee. Watch this space for a “From the Set” report.

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